Ready for a “where did you get that website?” website? 


When someone lands on your site, they make a lot of assumptions in 3 short seconds. With that in mind, how does your site do under 3 seconds of scrutiny? Are you proud of your spot on the internet or does it make you cringe?

If you’re tired of a website that doesn’t properly represent you or your business, then you came to the right place! I design websites that speak to the heart of your target market. Here’s what that means:



Assistance and advice on what information you need for an effective website*.



A re-branded business with a new logo, favicon, stylized fonts, textures, and more that speak directly to your customers.



A professionally designed website created to motivate your target market to take action.


*Don’t have time to write your website content? Check out my Copywriting Packages.




Looks just as good on your phone as it does on your laptop.


Designed so users have a great experience on your website.

Education + Assistance

You decide what happens to your website after it is launched. Want total control? I give you the tools to do that! Want someone else to take care of it for you? I do that too!

Responsive Design

Elements light up, change color or move when you click or move the cursor over them. This increases the odds of people clicking through your website! Which is a very good thing.

Brandyn H.  North Dakota, USA – ALPHA FINANCIAL GROUP

Brandyn H.


I recently went through a marketing review with a marketing firm that provides me with insurance business needs and they really liked how the website was designed, laid out, etc. so it was nice to hear from another trusted source that what you came up with for my website was really good. I already knew that but a second confirmation is always good!
— Brandyn H., Financial Advisor


What if I hate the website?

I offer 3 revisions for every step of the project. This means you have 3 chances to give your feedback without any financial consequence!

What if I don’t see results?

I reach out to my clients every 6 months to see how their website is doing and assist them if it is not producing the results we want. Finding results is something I am committed to in every project I do!


How do you charge?

Unless a project costs more than $2,000, I require 50% up front and bill the remaining 50% after the website is launched. Customized billing schedules are available for projects greater than $2,000.

What if I want to quit before the website’s complete?

You will owe for the work I have completed but not a penny more. I refund you for any work not done and the contract is considered complete.


Are you available to help after the website is live?

Yes! We will decide on a maintenance plan before signing the contract so you know exactly what to expect once the site launches.  

Will I own the website once it’s launched?

Yes! Once the final invoice is paid, you will own your website and all the materials created throughout.


How long is your waitlist?

Your project starts the day we sign the contract. Even if I am unable to start immediately, there is a lot of work to be done before I start designing. To see everything I need to begin, you can read more here. Please keep in mind, I assist you through the entire content creating process.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
— Chinese Proverb
Kris N.  North Dakota, USA - MCFSC

Kris N.

North Dakota, USA - MCFSC

The feedback received has been positive.  The timeline proposed was met (actually a week early I believe).  The end price was as proposed so it was a well scoped and well thought out process.
— Kris N., Treasurer
Kelly D.  North Dakota, USA - LOOK Aesthetic Atelier

Kelly D.

North Dakota, USA - LOOK Aesthetic Atelier

Heather was always made sure to make me feel like I was a priority. She was extremely patient and ensured we would be on track with target deadlines and goals. She listened to everything I needed and executed the project to beyond my expectations.
— Kelly D., FNP-C and OWner




Having a website doesn’t mean people will visit.

As a web designer, it is my job to encourage your customer’s to take action once they land on your website. However, it is crucial you have a plan for how visitors will access your website. Not having a plan means your website may sit dormant* and that makes me sad. For some ideas on how to funnel people to your website, you can find some here!

 *SEO is the only exception. You can read more about that here.



I can’t guarantee you won’t be sued.

Every website must include a Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer*. I also recommend having a lawyer look over your website before launching. This is especially true for those in health care or finance. While I do my best to stay up to date on industry standards, I am not a lawyer and can’t guarantee that what I design is safe from lawsuits.

*I recommend buying these templates if you don’t yet have them. I am an affiliate but I recommended their products long before I became one!

Leslie W.  Brussels, Belgium – TEEN COACH LESLIE

Leslie W.

Brussels, Belgium – TEEN COACH LESLIE

I have had lots of hits with a 300% increase [in website conversions]. I actually feel legit! I can point people in the direction of my website and don’t feel like I am trying to convince people of my value. It was lovely having someone gently keep me on track. Thank you, Heather!!!
— Leslie W., Teen Life Coach


The Golden Ticket

Branding + Web Design


Starting at $1,188*


The Midas Touch

Web Design


Starting at $708*


The Golden Hour

Website Assistance




*Price varies on the size of the website and excludes copywriting.

Please see Copywriting Packages for more pricing information.