Your business is amazing. Shouldn’t your copy match?

You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating your business. The product or service you sell is exceptional and you’re ready to take the world by storm! The problem? No one understands the value and because of this, business has been painfully slow…

To fix this problem, every word about your business should be re-written so you can connect with your target market. However, this takes time and a lot of know-how. The solution? Hire a copywriter! Here are 3 benefits you get immediately:



You get assistance and advice on what information you really need for an effective website, blog or email that speaks to and connects with your customers.



Write weekly blogs? Send daily emails? Those really eat up your time. But when you have a copywriter? Throw some ideas together, send them off and voilà! You get copy magic sent right to you without any lost time.



Extensive market research is done before I write a single bit of copy. You can rest easy knowing your copy was carefully knit together just for your customers.

Kris N.  North Dakota, USA - TREASURER OF MCFSC

Kris N.


The feedback received has been positive. The timeline proposed was met (actually a week early I believe). The end price was as proposed so it was a well scoped and well thought out process.
— Kris N., Treasurer


What type of writing do you do?

I specialize in writing website copy but I also create tag lines, edit blogs and write marketing emails.

How will you deliver the copy?

We will use Google Drive to share ideas, revisions and the final draft.


How do you start working with a new client?

There is a one-time fee of $240 for a new client. This covers project on-boarding, creation of your brand voice and the market research done on your industry. This process takes about one week to complete*.

Are you available for retainer plans?

In short, yes! The project setup depends on the work you want done. If you need website copy written, the project has a definite end. However, if you are posting weekly blogs, a retainer plan is a great option.


What if I don’t like what you write?

I offer 3 revisions for each piece of copy I write. This means you have 3 chances to give me your feedback to find the perfect solution without any financial consequence!

How quickly do I receive the copy you write?

Unless we decide on something different, you will receive the copy within 1 week of sending me your ideas and notes. However, rush packages are available at 150% of the listed price.


How do you charge?

Unless a project costs more than $2,000, I require 50% up front and bill the remaining 50% after the website is launched. Customized billing schedules are available for projects greater than $2,000. Retainer packages are billed monthly.

What if I want my money back?

If I have completed the project, you are responsible for paying 100% and will not receive a refund. If you stop the project before it is complete, you will not be refunded the initial 50% but you won’t owe the remaining 50%.


*Rush packages are available at 150% of the listed price.

Brandyn H.  North Dakota, USA – ALPHA FINANCIAL GROUP

Brandyn H.


You are easy to work with and don’t give up when you have a client that is not making your services a priority, like I did. If you never followed up like you did I would still not have a website.
— Brandyn H., Financial Advisor


While I do my best to stay up to date on industry standards, I am not a lawyer and can’t guarantee you won’t be sued based on what I write. I recommend having a lawyer read every piece of copy you have before releasing it to the public. This is especially true for those in the health care and finance industry.

Leslie W.  Brussels, Belgium – TEEN COACH LESLIE

Leslie W.

Brussels, Belgium – TEEN COACH LESLIE

I have had lots of hits with a 300% increase [in website conversions]. I actually feel legit! I can point people in the direction of my website and don’t feel like I am trying to convince people of my value. It was lovely having someone gently keep me on track. Thank you, Heather!!!
— Leslie W., Teen Life Coach

Rates and Packages 

Website Copy

Website + Tagline


Starting at $200*

The Golden Hour

Copy Assistance



Marketing Copy

Blog + Email


Starting at $40*


*Price is for returning clients.

Rush packages are available at 150% of the listed price.